If I Could


Generous Genies

Remember those lovely genies who grant wishes? Well, you’re one and you’ve just been emancipated from your restrictive lamp. You can give your three wishes to whomever you want. Who do you give your three wishes to, and why?



If I could I would not restrict my powers to any one or three persons.  I’d try to apply them to any persons or groups or organizations that would accept them.

And what would I do?  I think Regina Belle can say it better than I ever could.  “If I Could“, by Regina Belle.


Thanks for reading,


Generous Genies


Easy, Like A Sunday Morning


The Daily Post Photo Challenge.

For this week’s challenge, take a moment to notice your now, and share a photo of it. Perhaps it is something imperfect, or mundane, or under-appreciated. Maybe it is a simple moment, or maybe it is something grand; we can’t wait to see!


The above photo very accurately depicts my NOW!  The inscription on the front of the bus says, “Easy, Like a Sunday Morning“.  There’s a long story behind the bus and text.  I’ll give you the short version here.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to travel.  I never really got the chance to travel the way I’ve wanted.  From a young age I dreamt of becoming a world traveler.  Fifty plus years later I embarked on a mission to somewhat fulfill that dream.  I bought an old school bus and commenced building it into my retirement home.

The bus pictured above is the result of those efforts.  I now have the opportunity to travel around the USA volunteering with nonprofit organizations and seeing the sights of this great country.  While the bus is still a work in progress, I’ve built such facilities into it as a motorized fold down murphy style wall bed, a walk-in sit-down Jacuzzi tub, in-floor heating and a complete work shop/craft shop in the rear eight feet of the bus.

I guess in the end my hoped for past is now my present.

To find out more about the bus see leonardsteward.com.

Why the name Easy?



Think, No Don’t Think…

Well, I’m back again trying to learn to write right.  Today’s prompt is:

Safety First

Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.

Well, HELL!  That’s almost everytime I come up with a good idea.  Or, what I perceived at the time was a good idea.  You know how in youth you wonder what would happen if you tried to jump from one building to another like they do on TV.  It looks easy.  They didn’t even break a sweat.

Or at 16 when you first get you legal drivers license and your first (old) car and wonder just how fast it will really go.

They say that most people eventually grow out of such foolishness.  However, some never do.  That creates many confusing moments of good ideas/paranoia, yes, no, maybe, on the other hand, on second thought, uh, what’s the worse that can happen, internal discussions.

If you’re not careful you’ll talk yourself out of feeling that it’s an unsafe idea and that you are bowing to the quick talk of do-gooders and na-sayers.  I survived my childhood.  I skated through my teen years.  A few bumps and bruises were merely battle scares of a maturing human being.

Sure I remember falling off of ladders and roofs.  Cuts, scars but no broken bones.  And I still maintain that flash fire wasn’t my fault.  (I didn’t need those eyebrows anyway)  I do know (now) you don’t drink what you don’t know what exactly what you’re drinking when you are not very near a toilet.

The bottom line is that I still have (what I think are) good ideas.  I approach then now with a little trepidation.  I think about them, then I stop and think that maybe I shouldn’t be thinking about them.  Then I think about what’s the worse that could happen.  Then I think about what I might be missing if I don’t follow through on what I was thinking.  Then I think, maybe I’m giving this too much thought.

Should I even be writing this article?

Let me think about this, no don’t think about it…


Safety First

Bare With Me!

Or should it be bear with me?  Either way, please put up with my efforts.

I just signed up with WordPress Blogging University.  I’ve got a lot of stuff stuck between my ears which I cannot reach with Q Tips  and peroxide.  This is my first post with, hopefully, more to follow.

Bare with me may also be an appropriate expression as I attempt to Bare thoughts that have resided within me that I have chosen not to voice out loud.  Being an extremely private person makes writing a personal blog quite difficult.

Because the night…

Blogging University, or Blogging U (which I will refer to as BU) has a section termed Daily Prompts that gives words or phrases designed to jumpstart the thinking juices of would be writers.  Here’s my take on today’s suggestion, “Because the night…”


Because the night only comes once a day it should not be wasted.  Some people have to work the nights so they may not see the full benefit of why it exists.  Most humans sleep at night, some don’t, others can’t.  Other species, referred to as nocturnal, exist only at night.  Our night is their day.  Does that mean that our day is their night?   If I could speak nocturnal I would ask one.

Because the night is so dark we do things that require light mostly during the day.  To do these same activities during the night usually requires artificial light, in an attempt to make the night mimic the day and give the appearance of daytime.  In spite of the darkness of night many things do occur during the night.  Some innocent, some sinister, some sensual.

Because the night is so dependable we make plans based on our confidence that it will show up again.  However, in reality, the night never leaves.  It just travels around the world continually basking some section of the earth in it’s comforting darkness and silence.  It seems to be in a non ending chase of the lightness of the daytime that it never catches.   It does get rather close, though.  As soon as the daylight slips over the horizon, here comes the night just moments too late.

Because the night is the night it is unique in that there is no other existence that equals it.  Because the night is the night we should appreciate each one we experience and welcome each one we see coming.  Most people are thankful for each new day they welcome into existence.  No less should be our appreciation for each oncoming night we are here to welcome.

Because the night…

How would you finish that?

Because the Night