Bare With Me!

Or should it be bear with me?  Either way, please put up with my efforts.

I just signed up with WordPress Blogging University.  I’ve got a lot of stuff stuck between my ears which I cannot reach with Q Tips  and peroxide.  This is my first post with, hopefully, more to follow.

Bare with me may also be an appropriate expression as I attempt to Bare thoughts that have resided within me that I have chosen not to voice out loud.  Being an extremely private person makes writing a personal blog quite difficult.

Because the night…

Blogging University, or Blogging U (which I will refer to as BU) has a section termed Daily Prompts that gives words or phrases designed to jumpstart the thinking juices of would be writers.  Here’s my take on today’s suggestion, “Because the night…”


Because the night only comes once a day it should not be wasted.  Some people have to work the nights so they may not see the full benefit of why it exists.  Most humans sleep at night, some don’t, others can’t.  Other species, referred to as nocturnal, exist only at night.  Our night is their day.  Does that mean that our day is their night?   If I could speak nocturnal I would ask one.

Because the night is so dark we do things that require light mostly during the day.  To do these same activities during the night usually requires artificial light, in an attempt to make the night mimic the day and give the appearance of daytime.  In spite of the darkness of night many things do occur during the night.  Some innocent, some sinister, some sensual.

Because the night is so dependable we make plans based on our confidence that it will show up again.  However, in reality, the night never leaves.  It just travels around the world continually basking some section of the earth in it’s comforting darkness and silence.  It seems to be in a non ending chase of the lightness of the daytime that it never catches.   It does get rather close, though.  As soon as the daylight slips over the horizon, here comes the night just moments too late.

Because the night is the night it is unique in that there is no other existence that equals it.  Because the night is the night we should appreciate each one we experience and welcome each one we see coming.  Most people are thankful for each new day they welcome into existence.  No less should be our appreciation for each oncoming night we are here to welcome.

Because the night…

How would you finish that?

Because the Night


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