Weekly Photo Challenge:  Gatherings

As humans we find many reasons to gather as friends, family, coworkers, common interest groups and just about any other cause that can be imagined.

Why do animals gather?  Could it be for similar reasons?  The group of flamingos above may have a particular reason in mind.  Or is it just out of instinct?

 Imagine for a moment that they’re celebrating some sort of annual bird holiday.  We know that many species migrate every winter.  Dare we assume that humans are the only species that can plan annual events.  Is every non human annual ritual simply instinctive or have their forefathers (fore-birds) drafted similar constitutional rules that are celebratory to their continued existence.

We celebrate many gatherings with food, drink and folly.  Animals seem to just enjoy being together, in groups, communing with each other and nature.

Whether the flamingos are celebrating some special event or just enjoying each others company, the sense that there is no discord among them is a lesson to us as the superior species.



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