Think, No Don’t Think…

Well, I’m back again trying to learn to write right.  Today’s prompt is:

Safety First

Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.

Well, HELL!  That’s almost everytime I come up with a good idea.  Or, what I perceived at the time was a good idea.  You know how in youth you wonder what would happen if you tried to jump from one building to another like they do on TV.  It looks easy.  They didn’t even break a sweat.

Or at 16 when you first get you legal drivers license and your first (old) car and wonder just how fast it will really go.

They say that most people eventually grow out of such foolishness.  However, some never do.  That creates many confusing moments of good ideas/paranoia, yes, no, maybe, on the other hand, on second thought, uh, what’s the worse that can happen, internal discussions.

If you’re not careful you’ll talk yourself out of feeling that it’s an unsafe idea and that you are bowing to the quick talk of do-gooders and na-sayers.  I survived my childhood.  I skated through my teen years.  A few bumps and bruises were merely battle scares of a maturing human being.

Sure I remember falling off of ladders and roofs.  Cuts, scars but no broken bones.  And I still maintain that flash fire wasn’t my fault.  (I didn’t need those eyebrows anyway)  I do know (now) you don’t drink what you don’t know what exactly what you’re drinking when you are not very near a toilet.

The bottom line is that I still have (what I think are) good ideas.  I approach then now with a little trepidation.  I think about them, then I stop and think that maybe I shouldn’t be thinking about them.  Then I think about what’s the worse that could happen.  Then I think about what I might be missing if I don’t follow through on what I was thinking.  Then I think, maybe I’m giving this too much thought.

Should I even be writing this article?

Let me think about this, no don’t think about it…


Safety First


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